Product Tracebility

Hamriyah Steel FZC products have full traceability, each rebar has approved bar marking as per standard requirement and approved certification body and each bundle produced has a distinct Heat Number that is allocated during production, which allows the company to trace its complete production history for the customers, that heat number is also link with our material test certificate supplied along with products that facilitates tracking the history of the whole process.

Hamriyah Steel FZC is sustainable manufacturer under the CARES Sustainable Constructional Steel (SCS) scheme certification and Responsible Sourcing of Construction products standard BRE BES6001 Issue 3.1. This recognizes that we make our products using responsibly sourced materials. We also trace our products in our manufacturing process and supply chain (from Iron ore, Scrap and billet manufacturer).

Achieving the BRE BES6001 Issue 3.1standard certificate that we continually improve in energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions, transport impact, waste management, and engage positively with our local communities.

The Billet used for our production is sourced from reputable companies located in different parts of the world, all of them are ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System certified, we also encourage to our billet supplier for ISO14001 Environmental Management System, ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management and product Sustainability Scheme Certification.

Hamriyah Steel FZC is fully aware of the environmental impacts of its products throughout all stages of their life cycle, from mining to manufacturing, transport, use and recycling or disposal. We aim to take full advantage of steel’s infinite recyclability by recycling steel scrap generated in Hamriyah Steel FZC, in order to further reduce the environmental impacts of Our Main Products.

LCA provides us with the necessary data to benchmark the environmental performance of Our Main Products, and acts as structural support for our environmental decision-making. We believe that understanding and improving the lifecycle performance of Our Main Products is a crucial way in which we can contribute to a more sustainable economy.